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Be honest, you have a pile of mending to do, don't you?

Written by Larissa Gregorin


Posted on March 15 2023

I, like many of us, have a big ole pile of things to mend. Well-worn socks with the bottoms blown out, my kids busting holes in every knee of their pants, scissor mishaps because toddlers, fiber-eating beasts like c*rpet beetles or m*ths (ugh).

There are a lot of ways to mend things, depending on the fabric, the damage type & size, the use for the garment, etc.

One way with with a widdle loom that makes widdle woven patches. Mine is called a Speedweve, and it's just right for lots of things that you want a visible-mended look for.

I have several holes to mend in a sweater, and here's a video of me patching one of the holes with my Speedweve mini loom.





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