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It's Called Manifesting, Look It Up

Written by Larissa Gregorin


Posted on May 26 2023

It's Called Manifesting, Look It Up

It may look like I'm cooking homegrown mushrooms, but I'm actually manifesting an empire. I've got a lot of dreams here at Forest Lane of expanding this hand-dyed yarn business into an empire. From a one-person operation to a bustling yarn metropolis, complete with a team of dyers, sewists, and even a woolen and textile mill... And maybe diving into the realm of fiber arts patterns via a book a book highlighting Forest Lane yarn. This might be fueled by a touch of wool-induced madness, but if you want to get to know me better here's what's swirling around my head!

Red Winecap Mushroom Spawn

 I spread the sawdust in my woodchips in the fall. I just removed the bug-eaten parts of these mushrooms, rinsed them, patted them dry, and popped them in the oven on warm for a few minutes to dry them faster. I chopped them up, cooked them in butter, and added salt, pepper, and garlic powder. They taste a bit like asparagus, but aren't super flavorful, so they could easily be used to bulk up something like chili that has a lot of flavor without making it taste like mushrooms.



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