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LIVE This Friday - Sock Machine Demo

Written by Larissa Gregorin


Posted on July 06 2022

Hey friends! I've decided that since I love making socks on my sock machine, but I need a valid excuse to do that instead of real grownup work, I'll be doing an Instagram Live once a month of me making a sock on my circular sock machine!

I did one about a month ago, for basically no reason than I felt like it! So here I am doing it again on Friday at 10 am ET.

This time I'm going to

  1. make a shorty sock for sUmMeR (these kick so much ass - I hate wearing anything else. Also they have a heel tab!)
  2. use one of my upcoming colorways so you can see how it'll knit up and
  3. still probably not have anything to talk about... how do you feel about superglue allergies or roasted cauliflower?

I'll see you there! And if not, I'll save it to my IGTV for you to see anytime thereafter.

Love you!



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