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Unlock the Secret to Weaving the EASIEST Black and White Wash Cloths!

Written by Larissa Gregorin


Posted on May 02 2023

This video shows how I wove gorgeous wash cloths using two high contrast colors on a rigid heddle loom. The EASIEST visual bang for your buck in my opinion.

Don't tell the others, but I think these are my favorite (shh!).

  • Ashford 24" Rigid Heddle Loom
  • Sugar'n Cream Cotton Yarn
  • 7.5 dpi heddle
  • 114 ends - 15" warp width
  • approx 60" warp length for 2 wash cloths, all black
  • 2" of black 8/4 cotton yarn, 13" white Sugar'n Cream yarn, another 2" of black 8/4 cotton - each wash cloth was 17" on the loom
  • after washing & hemming, they were about 12" square



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