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Weaving a Double Width Blanket on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Written by Larissa Gregorin


Posted on April 04 2023

I made a whole-ass blanket on my rigid heddle loom! My loom is 24" wide, so obviously there were some special considerations to be made.

I used this eBook by Kelly Casanova, aptly titled "Double Width Weaving - eBook & Project".

It was actually super simple despite setup taking kind of a while.

My goal was to make as close to a 50 x 60" (127 x 152.5 cm) throw blanket as possible.

Doubling the width of my loom to 48" got me to a 42" finished width.

I warped 108" (I think!) with the goal of a 60" finished length. This factored in 10% shrinkage, 24" of waste, and tying and trimming the fringe.

I wove 66" under tension. The final blanket ended up about 42 x 60".

Further details about the yarn I used and stuff can be found in the video below!

I REALLY enjoyed making this, and I can't wait to do a ton more.

Love you, mean it.




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