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Design Collaboration - Helix Crop Top

Written by Larissa Gregorin


Posted on June 29 2022

Hey friends! I wanted to celebrate all of the knitwear design collaborations I've done, and I'm starting here with the Helix Crop Top!


This one is special, not only because this designer is talented, a botanical yarn dyer in the UK, fellow Botanica Yarnfest coordinator, and my friend, she also shares my birthday! I meant to get this out on our actual birthday, June 25th, but life happens. So, happy birthday to us, and check out this stunner of a pattern.

Knit with Forest Lane Fiber Co High Twist Merino Sock in Pitch

Iris Hardege has designed a ton of garments and accessories over the last few years while also botanically dyeing yarn with her sister Melissa for their shop Hook & Light.

A fellow scientist (but much more impressively so than I!), and birthday twin, Iris designed the Helix Crop Top as an homage to the DNA double helix. She used a skein of "Once in a Lifetime" High Twist Merino Sock.

The Helix Crop Top was released last year in April 2021, and it's such a cute top to throw on when it's warm out.

I was actually one of the test knitters for the pattern, and made it in about a week. It's a great top for that single skein of fingering weight yarn you wanted to showcase.

Check out all of Iris's work here.

Shop Helix Crop Top on Iris's website.

Shop Helix Crop Top on Ravelry.

Shop Forest Lane Fiber Co High Twist Merino Sock & Merino Tencel Sock.

Go support Iris's work and make something cute for the summer! This one is fast as hell, and so easy to wear.

Love you, mean it.




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