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What is non-superwash yarn?

Some yarn is treated chemically to make fabric that doesn't felt or shrink when agitated or heated - this is called superwash yarn. This is done by a chemical scouring/smoothing process with chlorine, then an artificial wax-like coating is added. This often creates yarn that is smooth in an almost plastic-like way, and can be machine washed and/or dried. I do not dye this type of yarn. I use only untreated wool for the environmental considerations as well as preserving the properties of wool that make it special.

How do I care for non-superwash yarn?

Please don't think that just because a yarn is non-superwash that it will be damaged by being washed! While you shouldn't put a non-superwash knit item in the washing machine (and I don't put superwash items in the washer either - they are still relatively delicate!), it's still very simple to wash the item. Simply submerge the item in cool to warm water in a sink, bucket, or bin with wool-safe soap, let soak for a bit, gently squeeze if it's a soiled item like socks, rinse (or don't if your soap doesn't require it!), and either blot it dry in a towel or use the Spin Only feature of your washing machine to wick the excess water out. Lay flat to dry. Easy peasy.

Where is your yarn sourced?

At the moment, almost exclusively from US farms & mills. My BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) DK base comes from the UK because I knew I wanted that breed specifically, but it's just not available in the US. (PS if you're an American mill or wool-producer, contact me - I love finding new-to-me US wool!)

What is a sock tube?

I have a circular sock knitting machine that can knit long cylinders (or even entire socks) quickly! It's a manual machine that I operate, but it allows me to create these tubes in minutes. The tubes can then be made into hand-finished items, the most popular being a sock, but also mitts, headbands, scarves, etc.

How does the Divination Club work?

I call it a "Club", but it's more of a themed set that is unique every month. The Divination Club includes yarn, a progress keeper charm, loose leaf tea, and a theme-relevant extra. There is no subscription, just a preorder for the following month's club. I also usually put together several extra sets for those who don't love buying mystery items!