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How did my first trunk show go?!

Written by Larissa Gregorin


Posted on September 19 2022

It went great!!

Lisa, the owner of For Ewe, and I :)

Since the Yarn Discovery Tour was (and still is!) going on, I got the opportunity to meet plenty of people who were new to both Forest Lane Fiber Co's yarns, but also For Ewe. If you came out, thank you so much and I loved meeting you!

It was a perfect day weather-wise, and I was so grateful to have this opportunity to show more people the natural yarns I source and dye.

If you are a For Ewe shopper, I dyed two shop exclusive colorways that are at For Ewe now! Campfire For Ewe & Chilly Sunset For Ewe were my interpretations of scenes that Lisa wanted translated into yarn.

For Ewe will be carrying more Forest Lane yarn in the future, so be sure to subscribe to my and Lisa's mailing lists to get all the latest information!

The Forest Lane Fiber Co Shop

The Forest Lane shop is back up in working order with what I have left from the trunk show, INCLUDING new batches of both Columbia DK and Columbia Worsted!

Columbia DK

Columbia Worsted

These two bases come from the same flock in New England. The wool was destined for basically the trash, but Siri of Yankee Rock Farm and I are not about that life. We rescued the wool, had it milled, and here it is for you to add to your sustainable wardrobe. I can't wait for you to try it out, it's delicious.




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