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Let's Talk More About Columbia

Written by Larissa Gregorin


Posted on September 22 2022

So I wanted to give you more things to love regarding the Columbia yarns I've dyed recently.


Origin Story

Let's start with the origin of the wool. Siri of Yankee Rock Farm is a sheep shearer. Something she sees often is wool being undervalued, or even given no value, when sheep are raised for something besides their wool, like for meat. In the case of this Columbia, Siri collected the wool that she sheared off the sheep and gave the shepherds a fair price for it.

Since she knew I would definitely want it, and knew I had an audience of knitters who would want it too, we were able to collaborate and save the wool from being *nothing*. 

It was shipped off to be milled Battenkill Fibers, and was sent to me as DK & Worsted weight yarn.

Both of the yarns are worsted spun (where the fibers are combed straight before spinning as opposed to woolen spun where they maintain their chaotic structure as they're spun), and 2 ply.

Pattern Suggestions

I've put together some pattern suggestions to knit with these gorgeous Columbia bases!

Customer Appreciation

Both Columbia DK & Worsted come equipped with Sweater Quantity Discounts.

Columbia DK
100% Columbia Wool
DK Weight
100g/250 yards
Buy 5, save 10% - Code "DK5"
Buy 6, save 15% - Code "DK6"
Buy 7 or more, save 20% - Code "DK7"

Columbia Worsted
100% Columbia Wool
Worsted Weight
100g/120 yds

Buy 7, save 10% - Code "WORSTED7"
Buy 8, save 15% - Code "WORSTED8"
Buy 9 or more, save 20% - Code "WORSTED9"

Additionally, US orders over $100 have their shipping paid by me, as well as international orders over $250!

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