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Forest Lane Fiber Co is committed to supporting the wool industry domestically by creating yarn that will integrate into your personalized handmade wardrobe while fully supporting the shepherds, shearers, and mills who make the yarn possible.
We're also committed to inclusivity and accessibility. In addition to the sweater quantity discounts that are available on many bases of yarn in the shop, we want to give the opportunity to those who may not be able to afford yarn that is sourced and prepared the way ours is to own and use Forest Lane Fiber Co yarn to fulfill their making goals & values.

About The Community Fund

  • - Donate anywhere from $1 +
  • - To give a custom amount, select $1 and adjust the quantity.
  • - Your donation is combined with others' contributions
  • - When funds are available for a grant, a gift card will be issued to an applicant to assist or cover the cost of their yarn.

Your contribution domestic & breed-specific yarn in the hands of a maker who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

Your contribution also supports my work by covering the full retail price of the items ordered with grant funds.

I add to your donation by covering the cost of shipping.

Additional information

  • - Grants are given when funds allow
  • - Your donation is not tax deductible. It is a direct payment to Forest Lane Fiber Co which pays annual income tax. You are trusting me to use these funds to make a grant to a limited or low income maker who self identifies on the honor system.

Thank you for supporting this program which helps to make our community more connected and inclusive. 

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