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Kirkbride // December 2022 Curio Collective // Asylum - Rambouillet Sport - Sport Weight


Curio Collective

A cabinet of oddities, deadly things, items you may believe to be haunted and make you generally uneasy. 

December 2022 - Asylum

The lunatic asylum (alternatively mental asylum or insane asylum) was an early precursor of the modern psychiatric hospital. 
The fall of the lunatic asylum and its eventual replacement by modern psychiatric hospitals explains the rise of organized, institutional psychiatry. While there were earlier institutions that housed the "insane", the conclusion that institutionalization was the correct solution to treating people considered to be "mad" was part of a social process in the 19th century that began to seek solutions outside for families and local communities.

Rambouillet Sport
100% US Rambouillet
Sport Weight
100g/355 yards

Each skein is hand-dyed with heavy metal-free acid dye. All my yarn is synthetic material-free (no superwash & no nylon/acrylic etc.) and dyed with less toxic materials.

I have done my very best to capture the color of the yarn as accurately as possible; however, colors may vary from monitor to monitor.

All of my yarn is hand-dyed in a smoke-free, cat-friendly home.

Care: handwash gently in cool water with wool-safe soap & lay flat to dry.

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