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Community Funded Yarn Support

Written by Larissa Gregorin


Posted on May 17 2023

Forest Lane Fiber Co is committed to supporting the wool industry domestically by creating yarn that will integrate into your personalized handmade wardrobe while fully supporting the shepherds, shearers, and mills who make the yarn possible.
We're also committed to inclusivity and accessibility. In addition to the sweater quantity discounts that are available on many bases of yarn in the shop, we want to give the opportunity to those who may not be able to afford yarn that is sourced and prepared the way ours is to own and use Forest Lane Fiber Co yarn to fulfill their making goals & values.


You can donate by adding this product to your shopping cart.


You can apply here for a community funded yarn grant.

This application is based on the honors system. It's none of our business what qualifies you for a yarn grant, so we won't ask any financial questions.


  • If you live on a fixed income,
  • If you usually use more basic wools or acrylic yarn,
  • If the cost of Forest Lane Fiber Co yarn or is not financially feasible for you at this time,
  • If multiple intersections of your identity are marginalized by systemic racism and/or bias

... then, yes, this program is for you.

I can't guarantee every applicant will receive a gift card, but I will keep you in the applicant pool for each drawing for a yarn grant.




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